Nut Policy



The position on Nuts in Celtic Chocolates is as follows:


We do not use nuts in the factory and none of our ingredients contain nuts.


We prohibit staff from consuming nuts in the canteen or bringing nuts on site and conduct spot checks to ensure this rule is adhered to.


It is our understanding that it is not possible to sustain a claim of ‘nut free’ in the same way as we do dairy/gluten/wheat free as the possibility of accidental contamination by airborne nut particles throughout the supply chain would have to be eliminated.


Also we would have to analyse every production batch for nuts and as there are 9 different categories of nut that would require testing unfortunately this would be impractical.


This information is offered so that you can assess the risk involved in consuming these products.


Also please note that our ‘Choices’ range contains coconut oil – which while not an allergenic source – may cause a reaction in people affected by salicylates.





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